lundi 4 novembre 2013

Lou Reed - Arenes de Frejus - 16.08.1977

mono, 1st gen

Audiance 2

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  1. Depuis quelques jours je vous est propose des enregistrements plutôt très correctes, il est vrais que la technologie et mon temps libre on pas mal contribue a ces résultats. Malgré tout il me reste aussi un petit stock de trucs bien pourri et irrécupérable qu’il faut que j’arrive a glisser. Celui-ci en bien la preuve. Cependant il est intéressant pour son ambiance, on entend bien le public!

    1. Bonjour, ... toujours là ? J'étais à ce concert, pourriez vous me donner un lien...

    2. Salut fabien, J'y étais aussi...
      Je refait un nouveau lien.
      Bonne concert.

  2. Réponses
    1. Je me suis bien marre en découpent l'enregistrement, il y a une bonne bande d'allumés dans le publique.

  3. Merci pour ça. Mon premier concert j'avais 16 ans... inoubliable.

  4. I was there too. In fact, I was Lou Reed's chauffeur. He and his producer Cyril Van den Hemmel vacationed at the Negresco Hotel for four days before the concert and I spent about 18 hours a day at his disposition. During the entire time he and Cyril were in a dispute with the French promoter over Lou's allegation that the promoter had broken one of the conditions of the contract and demanding extra money. He threatened to not show up at Frejus if the promoter didn't pay. Lou had done the same thing at the ancient Roman theater in Orange on a previous tour and the crowd rioted causing significant damage to the theater, chairs, and musical equipment, so the promoter knew it wasn't a bluff. But the argument continued until almost 9pm (concert time) at which time we were still at the Negresco in Lou's room with Cyril trying to negotiate a compromise. The promoter finally agreed to a higher percentage of the money from ticket sales so we hopped in the car (a crappy Cadillac limo that I did not trust to drive more than 110km/hr) and headed to Frejus. There was no warmup band so the crowd was VERY rowdy having been standing in the hot arena for more than two hours by the time we got there. A huge cheer arose as the limo entered the grounds of the arena and took Lou to his dressing room which was stocked with, among other things, an entire case of Chivas Regal whiskey. He took the stage at about 2215 or so and started a long tune up. The fight over money wasn't over. The promoter who agreed to the higher percentage of the ticket sales was giving a low figure on the number of tickets sold. He and Cyril and I stood on the edge of the stage estimating the crowd size with me interpreting between French and English. His estimate was about 4000 lower than Cyril's so they both turned to me and asked for my bet guess. I mentally chose a section of the crowd that had 100 people in it then multiplied it by the number of such sections and came up with a figure that was conveniently about midway between the two other figures. Lou was watching this the entire time as he tuned up and it was at this moment that Cyril shook his head to signal "no deal." Lou immediately said to the crowd, We're going to take a little break now," and stormed off the stage. The three of us followed on his heels as the crowd, now frustrated and angry, booed and jeered. We went into the dressing room (actually a small camping trailer) where Low proceeded to take the bottles of Chivas out of their case and smash them one by one against the wall shouting, "You motherfuckers can't treat me like this. WHo the fuck do you think I am!," etc. I started to fear that a spark from a cigarette would light the alcohol fumes rapidly filling the room andturn us into a giant mess of bananes flambees. I opened the door and stepped out just as the panicked promoter and the enraged Lou agreed to the middle figure I had chosen. Lou settled down and went back onto stage and delivered a superb concert to a very fired up crowd.
    As it turned out it was a bad night for the promoter and a good night for me. During the concert the judicial police came and confiscated the money from the ticket sales under a court order from the producer of the Orange concert who sued Lou and his label for damages. Meanwhile I had dinner at a seaside restaurant in St. Raphael with Lou, Cyril and the band and got to sit next to the "colored girls" who go "doot do-doot do-doot."