mercredi 5 octobre 2011

Lou Reed - Live in Roma 25.07.2011

 Audience 4

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  1. lyoko..which is the better boot of tour 2011 ????
    and, the the big question, which are the ESSENTIALs concerts from 1962 at 2011 of LOU REED????????????????????
    thanks for all

  2. great release great sound..but artwork is too low possible to insert another art with high resolution???

  3. Hello Anonymous.
    It is difficult for me to answer your question.
    I do not know by heart all the records that on his blog.
    I advise you to ask your question on a forum such as, you will find can be your reponce.
    Good luck and later

  4. Hi Anonymous.
    I is not resolution. You just make your request of the author's photos (Pino27) (Pino27)

  5. I'm not an expert, I'm just a fan, but I suggest you these concerts:

    - Frustrate & Antagonize, 1977;
    - Claim To Fame, 1976;
    - I Never Said I Was Nice, 1976;
    - Ride Paris Ride, 1974;
    - Konserthuset Stockholm, 1974;
    - Highline Ballroom, 2008.

    That's it for now! ;)

  6. 1973.09.29 Oval Hall

  7. - Phantom Of Rock & Roll (1973) : incontournable
    - Power And Glory (1992) : énorme
    - Düsseldorf (2000) : obligatoire

  8. S'il reste un peu de place sur le disque dur, je conseille aussi :

    - Akron (1976)
    - Granada (1998)

  9. Hi Lyoko,
    Could you possibly re-post this one.
    Many Thanks.