mercredi 8 juin 2011

Lou Reed Carre Theatre Amsterdam 15.10.1979

Audience Recording 2

Propos trouve sur Dime décembre 2013 

Taken from bootblogger.
SBEs fixed.
Pretty average recording and has some talking in the back. Not better than B. 

Didn't check well last time. Seems to be sourced from an upload of lurid uk in 2008. Track lengths match and
it had the same bonus track (Sister Ray / Kicks) from London, October 18th (Deleted that one in this re-seed).
But I can't tell if flacs could still be the same. Lurid had several scans included and his upload was around 100
mb bigger than my first seed from last year.
lineage (likely): TDK SA trade cassettes - (Wavepad) - wav - flac (level 8) - you - (?) - bootblogger - me - you
Just the mess you get from sites like bootblogger. There's a reason to keep info and checksum files.

Pour info, la version proposée ici provient du seed de lurid uk. le bonus track 18 a été enregistré par DR,  le 18 Octobre 1979 a London. Tout est spécifie dans les infos joint avec le fichier.

Je ne voie pas le problème.

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