samedi 12 février 2011

Lou Reed - Parco Delle Casine, Firenze - 14.06.1980

TV Broadcast  2+

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  1. Hello, I believe this is the same show I saw on another site? They had it listed either as a SBD or highly rated audience recording. As you probably know there's not many good quality sounding shows from the Growing up in Public (Highly Underrated album IMO) with the exception of his appearance on Rock Concert! What would you rate this show ? And if it's good enough in your opinion, could you possably re-up with new links? Ever since Christan closed his two sites due to people downloading and SELLING his free offerings your sight has become my main source of for Lou Reed bootlegs. You have my sincerest gratitude ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you. Paul ///

  2. Sorry I made a mistake in my previous post. I ment to say Micheldorf who ran the two amazing blogs, Cooking on the down five & The Nuns are on the Seawall. I was fortunate enough to download many of his personal CDs when I was recovering from Cancer back in 2005-06. I sent him a Moereen Tucker Live recording he didn't have and recall he was very gracious. It's messed up that greedy peole had to spoil access to his site buy stealing and selling what he offered in good faith such a rich selection of otherwise unavailable recordings. Thankfully I was able to get many I still have backed up and haven't even gotten through a forth of the recordings yet. Perhaps in my twilight years =) Take Care & Cheers 🎉
    Sincerely, Paul Solger ///

    1. Hi Paul, this version is the same as "Italy TV", the "Firence" version in Micheldorf is much better.
      Cooking on the down five & The Nuns are on the seawall were two fabulous sites.
      Found on ebay or other sites bootleg cd Lou for sale (very expensive)
      We must be very stupid to buy !!!
      Here you are recordings interested, I will be very happy to listen.
      I redid a new link if you want to compare.
      Take care of yourself and thank you for your support