mercredi 23 février 2011

Lou Reed Odeon Theater 17.09.1973

Mp3 320
Audience recording 3

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  1. Bonsoir Lyoko! Is there any way to re-upload this show held in Paris? As you know Megaupload is no longer operating. Thank you for uploading again the Oval Hall Concert a few days ago and congratulations, your blog is fantastic. C'est genial! Salut. Aldo

    1. To my great misfortune, and thanks to the FBI, I am forced to redo all the links.
      The positive side of the story is that it allows me to listen again.
      Good day.
      A + Lyoko

    2. Merci Beaucoup pour ce lien. Again, thank you so much for these fine uploads. Keep up the goog work. You are probably the only one around with such an extensive catalogue of Lou Reed's performances. Simplement fantastique. Salut. Aldo