mercredi 14 septembre 2011

Lou Reed Phantom Of Rock & Roll New York City 27.01.1973

Version Complète
Flac Soundboard 5

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  1. Oh! Tu indiques la provenance et la qualité, c'est fantastique! Merci pour tout ;)

  2. Many thanks for your generosity in sharing all these great concerts. This is an amazing site.

  3. Hi there friend,can you re-upload the file?it keeps saying that files are corrupted there...thank you in advance bro

    1. Hi Gianmario,
      I tested it fontionne well.
      Verily thou it has a problem I'll redo a link.

  4. Hi Lyoko,yes you are right it works now.Maybe I had some problems with my connection last night.Thanx a lot for everything,you are doing a great thing with this blog