jeudi 15 mars 2012

Lou Reed - ( And Moogy Kingman Band) - Memorial Hall, Kansas City - 02.05.1973

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    1. Thank you for your faithfulness Mr.The Visitor

  2. Très chouette petit concert avec des versions jouées de façon très originales. Beaucoup de piano. Dommage qu'un son parfois défectueux vienne gâcher un peu l'ensemble... saturation sur certains passages.
    Pas sûr que ça mérite un 5 !!!

    1. Ta raison, je me suis laisse emporte par le fait de c'est versions ci différentes. Un bon 4 est le plus approprie.
      Merci de ton aide.

  3. Merci !
    Très bon concert, tout en tension du début à la fin.
    Mais c'est quoi cette private joke piano... piano... piano ?!?

  4. Please, can you please re-upload this again? Rapidshare is offline.... THANKS and a very very great jog! I've been collecting Lou Reed shows for several years and I have found some unknown gems in this great website!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

  5. Sorry, I forgot to say my name... My name is Manuel but I use "Nanuk_99" as a nickname on internet.
    If you need some artwork, pics, or any show, just tell me and I'll try to upload if I have it...


    1. Manual OOOH!
      it's really nice to give some of your temp has this blog to exchange.
      I sold out my stock of cassettes and tapes, my compts Dime is a 0
      In short, there is that guys like you who can alimanté this blog.
      Dime currently there are:

      Lou Reed - 2012-06-25 - La Cooperative De Mai, Clermont Ferrand, France
      Lou Reed - 2005-04-25-Tempodrome, Berlin
      Lou Reed - 2012-06-23 - Mainz, Germany
      Lou Reed - 2012-06-20 - Zitadelle - Berlin
      Lou Reed - 2008 - vienna

      For your pictures I suggest you do a site and shared it all.
      thank you again

  6. Hello
    how could I download this on partage facile ? Thanx for your help ! jon

  7. Finally I've got it from somewhere else as "Partage Facile" seems down a bit.

  8. I've been itching to hear this since hearing the YouTube version, planed on searching until linked to your LOU REED Blog witch I've frequented for quit awhile now. Thanks for all your selfless hard work to bring these to fellow lovers of Mr. Reed.