samedi 25 juin 2011

Disco Lunar 16.01.2010

Emisión de radio en Español
Mp3 128

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  1. Hi Lyoko and thanks for Lou !
    I also d/l the VU 1969 07 11 Boston Tea Party two times but it can t extracted due to mismatch problem...
    Can you re-up it please ?

  2. Hello. This morning I downloaded the VU 11 July 1969 Boston Tea Party, it works very well
    , The problem must come from thee

  3. Hi Lyoko and thanks for your reply.
    Well,i d/l again for fourth time the VU and Winzip message is "unable to create file"....
    Do you know what can i do to resolve this problem?
    Also,tell me what unzip system you use,is it the winzip or other ?

  4. hello, I reupload the file, I use winrar to archive, I is not had no
    message error for this file from you, there is a beg somewhere. not hesitate to give me news

  5. Thanks for the VU re-up but i still got the same problem,Winrar is unable to create file and didn t extract.
    Seems this is a ghost file for me....

  6. I redid a new link, I am convinced that ghosts do not bother more. This is still the ca contact Fox Mulder, it should be of interest
    Happy listening, soon

  7. No Ghosts No Ghosts No More !!!!
    With your new link it works fine !!!
    Huge Thanks Lyoko.
    (You re my ghostbuster-Ha Ha)